Hello, hello tangerines! Nugget here again, announcing that for the next two weeks, we'll be having our Summer Preview Special!

We're taking this chance to give you a sneak peek of two new projects, “Into the Ever”, and “Twist of Feyt”. How do I know this? 'Cause we cats are masters at sneaking! *sneak sneak sneak*

Into the Ever” is a fairy tale about an eight year old girl, making a wish upon a star, only to have it come true... 30 years later! With a second chance at childhood, she is blessed (or cursed) with the brain of an adult, but the body of her childhood self. Wait and see what will come, when dreams come true, vikings live on, and hearts are being stolen (literally!) The art is by Christina Hixon and Indy Adenan, and the story is by Jamie Simo. Jamie is not currently an “official” member of Tangent Artists, but has been a friend of the group for years, and an author we thoroughly enjoy. Preview her book on Amazon, “The King of Futures Past”!

Our next preview is “Twist of Feyt”- a comic starring the young Adele, whose younger brother has been dragged into the Fey Realm. Her only allies are a talking horse and a Fey Prince, who looks identical to her missing sibling (awkward...). With tension rising between the Seelie Court and the gods themselves, can Adele rescue her brother before the realm is consumed in a war of mythic proportions? The art is by our David Hixon, and the story is written by his Evil Twin, Spencer Hixon. Also, make sure you visit David's blog on comics and animation, Weakly Animated!

But for those of you out there that love the classics, we will continue with new pages from “Crit!” for this week and the next. The next plot line won't start for a little while, but enjoy these “Sidequests” in the meantime!

That's all from Tangent Artists... send in your comments, your links, your fan art, whatever! Till next time, toodles!

-Nugget, the Catbot Mascot