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Now for the non-Nugget related news *sigh*.

We at Tangent Artists have joined forces with “The Penny Dreadful”, a website that hosts original sci fi / fantasy stories presented in good old- fashioned serial format. “Skeleton Crew” and “Crit” will be joining their fine library and we hope that you'll explore the wide range of stories posted by TPD's other talented writers! Also, for Skeleton Crew and Crit fans, the Penny Dreadfuls interviewed Monica via twitter on the origins of the two comics. If you missed it two weeks ago, here's the link to the transcript.

Wish you had more Tangent Artists goodies throughout the week? Now there are

more ways than ever to keep up with the Tangent Crew and their delicious brain-children!

Coffee Ninja and artist Dave Hixon has a tasty new blog: Weakly Animated! It's a blog about the sequential art medium and all it contains! Inspiring to the aspiring!

Artist/Writer Monica Marier, ignoring common sense, is losing yet more sleep by writing a Weekly Fiction Serial! “Madame Bluestocking's Pennyhorrid” features the Crosby/Hope-style comedy duo of Wingaurd and Kelly as they skirt danger in a Fantasy/Steampunk world.

Writer Dave Joria is writing his own Steampunk serial as well, available on 100 Percent Pulp. It features his new ongoing story, “Conrad and Clench, Fugitives from the Crown.” It stars a dashing hero and a diabolical villain who find themselves wanted men...in every corner of the British Empire! It also showcases “S.A. Pimms”, the Victorian fantasy featuring pirates, mysteries, and a very special chair.

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