Ahoy there, Tangereens! Nugget here with another - you guessed it -

First of all, we want to welcome the newest readers, whom the Tangent Artists met at Katsucon! The Artists had a great time there - made some new friends, caught up with some old ones, and even had two pieces in the charity auction (squee!). The Tangential Artists are currently looking into other cons, so if you know any good ones, send us an e-mail. (We're based out of the Washington D.C.-Metro Area, so East Coast cons are our faves!)

Behind the scenes, we're percolatin' new ideas for more goodies...like a new con-xclusive Skeleton Crew comic, an array of tee-shirts, and (my personal favorite)...buttons! (they won't let me have any...I keep poking people... nyooo)

Also, we're opening the doors of our Gallery to fan submissions.
So send us your versions of the TA characters, like - Oh, I don't know... *cough*Nugget*cough*.  

Well, that's about it for this Nugget News. Till then, enjoy www.tangentartists.com, and all of the nougat-filled goodness it
has to offer! Nyah!

-Nugget, the Catbot Mascot