Nugget here, with another tantalizin' "Nugget News." I'm here to keep you informed about all the latest developments with your favorite comics group, the Tangent Artists!

(And if they're NOT your favorite group, I suggest you humor them...their egos are veeeeeery fragile.)

First off, the group recently attended Baltimore Comic Con and Neko-Con 12 (held in Hampton Roads, VA). Phew, what an exhausting month! We definitely made an abundant number of new friends... Heck, some of them might be reading this newsletter for the first time! Welcome aboard!

Back at the homefront, we're rallying ourselves for our new between-cons creative projects, including a new card game and a bundle of new items for the online store. Next year, we'll re-enter the convention scene with the force of a haymaker punch!

(Mmm...punch. Yummy.)

Anyhow, here's a few things to look for in upcoming Tangent Artists comics:

DONUTS FOR LOOKING: More cutesy self-deprecating fun is right around the corner, not to mention the fact that we're hatching the very first "Donuts"' story arc. It's all fun and chibis until someone loses...a LIFE?!? BUM-BUM-BUM!

SKELETON CREW: Now that Maria is accepted by the Skeleton Crew, she's offered a permanent room in Kingship Manor. But will Maria's presence cause tension within the gang, especially concerning a handsome vampire named Weston?


Visit us at www.tangentartists.com and make sure you tell your friends, they'll thank you for it later!

-NUGGET, the Cat-Bot