Hey there fellow enthusiasts!
You know what I like to do when I'm an enthusiast? I LIKE TO SURROUND MYSELF WITH THOUSANDS OF OTHER ENTHUSIASTS! That's right, it's CON TIME, folks! Starting this Columbus Day weekend, Tangent Artists will be representin' at Baltimore Comic Con 2009 Oct. 10-11.
Yes sir, the Tangent Crew is facing the terrors of Swine Flu, xenophobia and finding a parking spot in harbor-side Baltimore! NYA! 0_o
We'll be trolling for new readers to enjoy all our nuggety goodness and you can help, too! Tell your friends that all new fans who sign up for our newsletter will get FREE Skeleton Crew wallpapers for their laptops!
I know what you're thinking: "But, NUGGET! I signed up ages ago and didn't get doodley squat!! How's that fair??"
Well, life isn't fair. But we sure are. Just send us an email at info@tangentartists.com and you, too, can get your own Crew Wallpapers. Just in time for Halloween.

We're going to be at a second Con this fall! We're also going to show some Tangent Pride at NekoCon 12 2009 this November 6-8. Two cons in two months? Are we nuts?
Yeah. Probably.
We're starting a new Issue of Knights of Leviathans! Elvis, Phoenix and the others find out more about the elusive Leviathans and how they run!  And we're wrapping up our second double-length issue 2 of Skeleton Crew. Next issue, we find out a little more about Weston Peese and the elusive Kingship Manor. I just said "elusive" twice! Nya!
Keep checking the SITE every weekend for more updates of Tangent Artists Comics!

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments, requests, or complaints, drop us a line at info@tangentartists.com. See you soon!

Till next time!

-NUGGET, the Cat-Bot