Nugget here, with another Nugget News, telling you all of the snazzy new updates from your favorite Tangent Artists!

First of all, we are overjoyed to finally reach 2,000 hits! Of course, the only thing that’d make me happier still is 2 MILLION hits! Tell your friends about us, link us on your site, spread the good word! (Um…pwetty pwease?)

Also, we are eager as all heck to hear what you have to say. Most specifically, we’re looking at new products for the Tangent Tidbits store. Rather than just doing our own thing, we’d love to give you what YOU want! Tell us on the Forum, and post what you want to see (and wear, and drink from, and give your roommate as an awkward gift.)

And, in case you have any doubt, our Tangentologists are working hard in developing the future of comics Today! More Knights of Leviathan, more Skeleton Crew (it’s getting scary, be warned!) and more Donuts, coming soon! But are we satisfied with that? No! We’re working hard, brainstorming new projects, and eager to give you more reasons to waste your precious hours (when you’re supposed to working or studying!)

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments, requests, or complaints, drop us a line at See you soon!

Till next time!

-NUGGET, the Cat-Bot