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And welcome to our first official newsletter!

If you've been to the site already,you'll be pleased to see that we have brand new pages of Skeleton (starting Issue 2), and Knights of Leviathan (finally back, and with a brand new look!). If you haven't been to the site yet, GO THERE! GO THERE NOW! WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME!!!

Opps. Sorry, I get excited sometimes...

Aaaaaaanyway, for those of you who are still new to the site and might be confused about the comics, here's a recap:
The Knights of Leviathans Knights of Leviathan: Our original fantasy comic about average middle schoolers caught in a mystical kingdom that is torn by civil war. After being on the back burner for a few months, it's back in full force, with new Leviathan designs! Keep reading, 'cause there are plenty of twists to come!
Donuts for Looking
Donuts for Looking: The zany madcap misadventures of web-comic artists. Not at ALL inspired by the staff of TangentArtists...*cough cough*
Skeleton Crew Skeleton Crew: Posted online is Issue 1 and
the origin story for the Skeleton Crew comic,
our adventure/horror/comedy. (For those of you who've seen/bought the con comic of Skeleton Crew, the printed issue takes place a little later in the series).

So, everyone, we all had a fantastic time at Katsucon 15...went to the panels,
got autographs, danced the night away...and of course, got a few odd commissions (more on that later). Also, all of the business cards with *my* face on them were gone by Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday night, the bookmarks were almost gone too. *Sighs...basks her own own cuteness* tee-hee...you like me, you REALLY like me!

Of course, I'm sure you're all waiting to find out who's the winner of our THE SKELETON CREW CONTEST! Well, that lucky person to appear in the Issue 2 online is ….*drum roll please*




*hee hee...you should have seen your face.* Yup, folks, while we have a winner all picked out, we believe it is better to show than to tell. Issue 2 is already under way, but it'll still be another week or so before the fated page shows up. We'll send out another email when the grand prize winner does show up, so you'll be sure not to miss it...it'd be terrible if a friend found out and spoiled it for you!

Speaking of friends, make sure to check out the Tangent Talk Forums. Make new friends, post your comments, and even get to know the Tangent Artist team a little better...we don't bite, honest! And we'd love to hear from you!

One last thing we're proud of: we're adding new items to the Tangent Tidbits Cafe Press Store. We have shirts perfect for artists, writers, and fans of Donuts for Looking. We don't have much for Leviathan of Skeleton Crew yet: so this is the perfect time to ask for what YOU want to see! Weston Tee-Shirts? Elvis Hoodies? Peek-a-Boo Onesies?

One last thing: At Katsucon, we learned about a generous cause being organized, called 'Operation Anime Storm”. It's a care package program, providing anime and manga to troops stationed overseas. If you have a few volumes in your basement that might be better enjoyed by a service otaku in withdrawal, or you know a serviceotaku with a wishlist, make sure to visit www.operationanimestorm.org, or email operation.anime.storm@hotmail.com

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments, requests, or complaints, drop us a line at info@tangentartists.com. See you soon!

-NUGGET, the Cat-Bot